• Tentative investigation of the object and giving out economically profitable and reliable solutions on communications realization, on equipping new or renovating working objects in accordance with customers demands.

      • Providing necessary information and documentation for project works using equipment of companys production.

      • Providing equipment for trial exploitation with possibility of purchase or return in the future.

      • Projecting and manufacturing equipment modifications in accordance with customers technical specifications.

CJSC STC SIMOS offers its services for contract assembly of electronic modules and units. You can order us a product on any stage of readiness from assembled PCB to fully ready device.

Works provided in the scope of contract assembly

      • Projecting of PCBs and designing of electronic modules and units

      • Development of construction documentation.

      • Development and manufacturing of metal housings and other parts.

      • Modifying of standard plastic housings.

      • Completing the products with electronic components including PCBs.

      • PCBs assembling:

        • size up to 560*230 mm (for assembling with FRITCH PA600 automate);

          chips from 0201;

          packaged ICs of BGA, QFP etc types, size up to 45*45 with the pitch from 0,3 mm;

          connectors with solder and press-fit installation.

      • Assembling of electronic units including leak-tight.

      • Assembling of wire bundles and cables.

      • Functionality checking and testing of electronic modules and units.

      • Production testing for climatic affections (in ESPEC MC711T climatic camera from -70 to + 150 with max. size of 400 400 400 mm).

      • Packing of ready products for surface and air transportation.

CJSC STC SIMOS actively works in the field of contract manufacturing (outsourcing) with small, medium and big enterprises, which consider economically unpractical own manufacturing of electronic products.

Main preferences of working with us are:

      • relatively low cost of production of small batches;

      • availability of own manufacturing abilities and storage of electronic components allows us fast production of trial batches of the products;

      • minimization of time of new production appearance at the market;

      • lead time for the order is from one week (standard lead time is 4-6 weeks);

      • electronic parts shipment for trial samples and small batches and also for commercial orders;

      • correction of construction and technology documentation based on the results of trial batch testing;

      • free access for the customer to the enterprise for fast saluting of manufacturing questions.

Benefits from cooperation with our company:

      • lowering the costs for manufacturing;

      • guarantees of high quality of he production;

      • releasing the time for developing new perspective products;

      • we have reliable ties with big amount of manufacturers and suppliers of electronic parts what allows us to optimize price/quality balance for you.