Copper cable and fiber optical communications lines equipment

Fiber optical line link equipment

G.SHDSL.bis line link equipment

G.SHDSL bis line equipment with extracting/inserting the channels at URS


M30AE flexible multiplexor (euro construction 3U)

M60 flexible multiplexor (euro construction 6U)


CSP-16M little channel digital transmission system

Subscriber broadband access equipment

K-128 subscriber concentrator

TDM over IP equipment

Equipment for creating dispatch communications systems

Dedicated power supplies

KBP-01 UPS set

KBP-03 UPS set

Control and measurement instruments

SM-E1 Tester

Equipment set for technology objects parameters monitoring

ShTV-27U weatherproof telecommunication cabinet

Additional service equipment

BZ-01 subscriber lines protection unit

KS-01 unit (signalization converter)

CJSC STC SIMOS Network monitoring system

Automated Process Control Systems components

VT-01 unit

STP-01 unit