M30AE flexible multiplexor (euro construction 3U)

General information

      • Organization of junction lines of analog and digital PBXs.

      • Multiplexing of subscriber and junction lines.

      • Organization of dedicated data transmission channels with V.35, RS-232, RS-485, RS-530, Ethernet 10 Base-T interfaces.

      • Cross-connection of 64 kb/s channels.

      • Local diagnostics and network monitoring system support.

      • Possibility of installation into hinged cabinet as a remote subscriber unit with remote power supply.

      • Protection of line and subscriber interfaces from lightning and industrial over voltages in accordance with .17 ITU-.

      • Transmission of up to 4 E1 streams over IP networks.

      • Two additional slots for installation of station modems of cable line link G.SHDSL. bis(LT boards) or fiber optical line link (OT-01, OT-02 boards).

      • Completing at the order and during exploitation process with any boards from multiplexors set in random choice and until total filling of the cassette.

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Cabinet for remote subscriber unit M30AE

M30AE unit